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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Basketball – Men’s Semi – USA VS Canada – 1st Half Part 3


There are two sportscasters that rate at the top of the heap of Bone Daddy’s all time favorite college football commentators of live games….for in his opinion…both these two men could paint a picture so brilliantly with words…..that you did not even have to watch the game to be totally engaged in what was happening on the field…for they were word merchants of the highest order….as Kern Tipps….the man who was the voice of the Southwest Conference Football Game of the Week for almost three decades….and Keith Jackson….who has been the voice of college football for ABC Sports for the past 40+ years….could bring the action on the field right through the radio / television….and paint a vivid picture of the action in the listeners mind….as it is rare when a commentator of a live game can deliver the plays and events happening on the field in such a way that it paints a vivid captivating mental picture….for these were the tools of Kern Tipps and Keith Jackson.

I told you that because this video of action during the 1st half of the 1984 Olympics men’s basketball game between the USA vs Canada….in the qualifying round of the Olympic tournament….is brought to the viewer by none other than Keith Jackson and Coach Digger Phelps (whom BD likes a great deal also).  So, not only do my viewers get to watch future NBA Hall of Fame members….Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing and Chris Mullin…..play in the Olympics for Hall of Fame Coach Bobby Knight…..but you also get to have Keith Jackson bring you the play by play action….along with color analysis from Coach Digger Phelps…..as they are like the “whip cream and cherry on top of the ice cream sundae”…..simply a treat you can’t resist.



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