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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Basketball – Womens Finals – USA VS Korea – 2nd Qtr


It is this lil ole Chiweenie sportsphile’s opinion that Cheryl Miller was the best women’s basketball player ever….for one simple reason….she had a man’s game….that’s right, a power filled “in-your-face” sorta game that most great women players didn’t have….but the reason for this is also simple (man, isn’t it just awesome how simple dogs are in their thought process….advantage dog!!)…but the reason was named Reggie…..cuz playing ball every day on the playground with her future NBA Hall of Fame “assassin sharp shooting” brother Reggie Miller….and that made her a different kind of player….especially for her generation.  Now don’t get me wrong….USA teammates like Anne Donovan, Lynette Woodard, Kim Mulky, Pam McGee and even Theresa Edwards….were all great basketball players….but the didn’t have that “man’s game” quite like Cheryl’s


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