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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Boxing – Heavyweights – USA Henry Tillman vs ITA Angelo Musoni


What I have always appreciated about Howard Cosell throughout his brilliant and legendary career….was his ability to call everything “honestly, as he saw it”….in every sporting event that he was the sports commentator on….as this video so aptly provides evidence of my opinion….for Howard never pulled a punch…..whether calling boxing or NFL football or what.  To me, calling it as you see it….regardless of what is politically correct….is the way a sportscaster should always call an event….and this wonderful characteristic of Cosell is what eventually got him removed from the commentator’s booth…..when on an NFL Monday Night Football game….Washington Redskin’s running back Joe Washington made an incredible run where he sidestepped and jumped over defenders on his way to an exciting touchdown run….and Cosell’s call went something like this….”Did you see that little monkey run?”….for Howard was not making a racist comment….cuz this man had a long list of times when he defended and befriended many African American athletes during the 1950’s and 1960’s….when racism was really running rampant in America.

On this video….Cosell once again calls the Olympic Heavyweight Bout between the USA’s Henry Tillman vs Italy’s Angelo Musoni…..where Howard emphatically said the Italian fighter got robbed by the judges….which simply exemplifies why this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile enjoyed and appreciated Howard Cosell so much.



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