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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Boxing – Lt Welterwts – USA Jerry Page VS THA Dhawee Umponmaha


Jerry Louis Page was an American boxer….who won the light welterweight gold medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics….who also a year earlier won a silver medal at the 1983 Pan American Games. His path to gold in the ’84 Games came as follows….a 1st round bye….followed by a defeat of Helmut Gertel (West Germany) 5-0….then came the defeat of Ostavio Robles (Mexico) 5-0….followed by a very tough fight with Kim Dong-Kil of South Korea in a 4-1 decision….then Page beats Mirko Puzović (Yugoslavia) 5-0….only to face Dhawee Umponmaha of Thailand in the gold medal fight which he wins by a 5-0 decision.  Page began his professional career in 1985 and won his first 8 bouts before being beaten in a decision loss to Terrence Alli in 1988. This loss signaled the beginning of an early end for Page, who lost a decision to Frankie Randall in 1989….and then retired in 1990 with a career record of 11-4-0.

Dhawee Umponmaha is a Thai boxer…..who won silver at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics in the men’s Light Welterweight category.  Umponmaha’s silver medal path was charted as follows….1st he defeated Jaslal Pradhan (India) 5-0…..followed by a defeat of  Charles Owiso of Kenya 3-2 in a tough fought battle….then he defeated Dave Griffiths (Great Britain) 4-1….followed by his defeat of Jorge Maysonet (Puerto Rico) 5-0….then he met and defeated Mircea Fulger of Romania 5-0….and finally in the gold medal match Umponmaha lost to Jerry Page (United States) 0-5….as seen in this video….it was a good fight.

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