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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Equestrian Horse Jumping – Part 2


Most folks don’t know this about me….but this lil ole Chiweenie dog finds herself laughing at how people with “their where with all”….have their places that they like to show off their wealth…..not all the time….but at the right time, for them….like the opera, the ballet, equestrian show jumping, Holywood red carpet, et al….for at those events…..it becomes top shelf from there…..just considering the things that they wear and adorn themselves with while “milling” through the crowd….gold, expensive shoes, diamonds, furs….oh my God Dog…handbags…..and the adornments are well worth the watch.

Bone Daddy tells a story about attending the Equestrian Show Jumping competition at the 1984 Olympics…..and has always said that there is not an opera….there is not a ballet….that equestrian show jumping doesn’t rival…..when it comes to show me the money….and BD was at this competition in 1984…..so with great joy of great stories many times told….enjoy this beautiful sport at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.  

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