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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Equestrian – Show Jump Indv – Robbiani & Smith & Deslauriers & Homfeld


It is my sincere hope that I one day am able to know the name of the gentleman commentator working with ABC’s Chris Schenkel at the 1984 L A Games equestrian show jumping individual competition….so, anyone who can help me in that regards would be greatly appreciated….cuz I like sports commentators….yep, birds of a feather.  Anyway, Schenkel and his sidekick are covering the medal round of the equestrian show jumping individual competition….which turns out to be a “horse fight”….(yes, I know the term since “dog fight” is used so much)…between 5 outstanding horses and their riders who squared-off and performed beautifully.

If you can’t tell already….I really think that horses are great athletes….maybe even as great as dogs….that might be stretching it!?!  To a lil ole Chiweenie like me….horses are huge….not just big….but huge…..and they can run so fast…..jump like crazy….and then like a ballerina….just “tip-toe thru the tulips” while performing dressage. Simply put, this sportsphile calls horses brilliant athletes….for to me….it just is awesome how fast those big animals can run on those spindly legs….just awesome.

While watching this video just enjoy it from the perspective of the strength, speed, jumping ability, eye to foot reflexes and courage they have to jump those fences.


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