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Olympics – 1984 – Los Angeles Games – ABC Intro To Close Of August 11th Coverage – With Jim McKay + Al Michaels


To say that USOC President Peter Ueberroth created the “Corporate Games” in Los Angeles back in 1984….evidenced by this video herewith….for it is our opinion here at ImaSportsphile that it was at these Olympics that “corporate sponsorship” became the new galaxy in the universe of sports….which has evolved today in November 2018  in such a way that dang near every professional arena or stadium has the name of some major US Corparation attached to it….even in the college ranks.

In this tntro to ABC’s coverage….the “corporate sponors” for this segment of coverage were Budweiser bee, still the wolrd’s largest selling beer, as it was back then…..the 20th Century Fox movie Revenge of the Nerds”….Team Xerox the copier giant….and the giant in pizza in the mid 1980’s, Pizza Hut….all of which were giants in their respective industries….and this segment is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to corporate sponsors at the 1984  Summer Olympics   

This video finishes off.with Jim McKay telling the story of two distant cousin Americans competitng in the track and fields men’s high jump….with both USA Dwight Stones and  USA Doug Nordquist being distant cousins….and both jumpers made the finals too.  


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