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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – News Brief – ABC Peter Jennings


In this video clip of an ABC News Brief with Peter Jennings….the first piece of news is regarding the 1984 campaign for US President between Walter Mondale and Ronald Reagan….as Mondale accuses the President of “vodoo economics”….with the 2nd story being about unrest in Egypt and Saudi Arabia regarding attacks on ships in the Red Sea….with the last piece of news being about a major drug bust.

Isn’t it just amazing how the names have changed since 1984….but the stories are the same in 2016….so, although the only true constant is life is change…it is truly incredible how HUMANS continue to wallow in the same cesspools….and never seem to resolve anything. Could any of this be because it is simply a HUMAN trait that they complicate everything instead of solving anything?

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