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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Sailing – Yachting USA Robbie Haynes & Olympic Advertisers


There is a distinct reason that from a financial standpoint….the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics were the most successful Olympics in the history of the Olympic Games…it simply made more money!…..and to this lil ole sportsphiles opinion….the man directly responsible for it’s success was USOC President Peter Ueberroth….and his brilliant guidance of Olympics into the corporate market….which was the key to the successes in Los Angeles….and the biggest revenue stream….larger than any event planned or attended for the USOC….was the money for TV advertising. Yes, this money went to ABC…..and for the price that they paid…..that put the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics over the top of the rest of history’s Olympics.  The phenomenal amount of corporate advertising that was paid in 1984 to ABC for ad space on their broadcasts was the “G-spot”….(yes, we dogs have G-spots too!!!….oh, boy…do we have G-spots….makes me kinda shiver with joy).

Just look at the ads on this video…..it starts off with Atari….OH MY GOD DOG….the early stages of the video game industry….and look where that has gone today….I mean, John Madden is a multi-millionaire….and he don’t know how to spell video game….then comes 7-eleven…the father of convenience stores….cuz now there seems to be a convenience store on every corner in America.

Do you get my point here!?!….cuz any way you cut the pie….corporate sponsorship of sports has not only grown sport exponentially since 1984….but also, it has also grown corporate America by leaps and bounds too.


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