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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Track – Decathlon – 100 m & Broad Jump & Shot Put & High Jump


After the 1st event of the 100 m dash in the men’s decathlon….GBR Daley Thompson with a time of 10.44 took an 89 point lead on the decathlon world record holder FGR Jurgen Hingsen. By the time Thompson set an Olympic decathlon record broad jump of 26′ 3 1/2″….even though Hingsen had a personal best broad jump of 25′ 7 1/2″….thus giving Thompson a 162 point lead after 2 events.  Then came the shot put….with Thompson launching a put of 51′ 7″….putting the pressure on Hingsen….who was already significantly behind the Brit….but although the man from Germany had a better toss at 52′ 3/4″….it only made up 8 points….making Hingsen a total of 155 pts. behind. The next event was the high jump….a discipline that Hingsen had cleared over 7′ several times in competition….but as the “fickled finger of fate” would have it……Hingsen injured his knee on his third jump….sending him to the locker room for some treatment.

Simply put…by the 4th event in the 1st day one the decathon at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics….had already been wrapped and put on lay-a-way….cuz it is this sportsphile’s opinion that Thompson heroic effort in the first four events had put Hingsen in a position of pressing….of getting out of his rhythm….his personal athletic zone….just enough to affect his take-off enough on his third jump….to actually injure his leg.

Any way you look at this video….you cannot help be see what incredible athletes these two men were…..one tall and muscular (6′ 7″  225 lbs  102 kg)….and the other stocky and muscular (6′ tall 203 lbs  92 kg)….and for them to be jumping more than 25′ 7″ ….while running 110 m in 10.9 and 10.4 seconds…..when jumping over 6′ 8″….and throwing a 16 lb. metal ball over 51 ft…..WOW… what athletes.

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