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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Track – Decathlon – High Jump & ABC News Brief


This video starts with the decathlon high jump at a height of 6 ft. 9 1/4 in…..featuring USA John Chirt, CAN Dave Steen and SUI Patrick Vetterli….and since the ABC color commentator is Dwight Stone….a dbl bronze medal winner at the 1972 Munich Games and the 1976 Montreal Games….as he really gives some wonderful insight as the the aerodynamics applied to speed and jump point….as this discipline is truly an application of physics and athleticism.

What this lil ole Chiweenie enjoyed watching today on this video…..came later on when the network went to an ABC Business Brief with Dan Cort…..and I swear folks….I thought for a minute that this was a cut-away to a current news brief….I mean….first they talk about taxes….you know, as they say in Texas…”they only two sure things in life in America is death and taxes…and most the times…neither is going up!?!….then Mr. Cort announces that the national deficit is expected to be 90 billion dollars…..ARE YOU KIDDING ME….and in year 2016 we are sitting at 19 trillion dollars.  Is there any wonder to why the future does not look bright for the United States of America?  Following this bit of news comes the report that the Dow fell 8 points to 1196.11 on this Day 13 of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics….so, if the Dow closed today on April 18, 2016 at 17,901…then who made all that money on Wall St?….cuz it certainly wasn’t the middle class of America….cuz they are paying for the debt.

Isn’t it amazing how simple a dog can put it……when HUMANS complicate it so much….that only big money makes it….while the rest go broke.






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