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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Track – Mens 200m Semi Finals – USA Carl Lewis


Being a dog….I have a keener eye than HUMANS have….with a completely different viewing perspective than you folks also….meaning that I see things that you don’t see….and when you couple that with the fact that I am also a sportsphile….then you will understand how when I am looking at Carl Lewis run…..I see a cheetah….at full speed. ¬†Lewis was so graceful….just like the cheetah in a full run….a picture of beauty and power….for his muscles in his legs allow him to have a beautiful grace when he runs….while generating incredible speed cuz of his awesome power. ¬†Now consider how far he could jump….just like the cat, man.

As you watch Lewis in this the semifinal heat of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics men’s 200 m dash….tell me you don’t see a cheetah in full stride.


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