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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Track – Women’s Marathon – Part 5 – Final Results


The 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games provided an outcome in track and field competition…..that spurned my Bone Daddy to choose to go on a mission from God….which entailed that he see at least one live event in every sport in these Summer Games… and the outcome of the women’s marathon…..provided the catalyst to Bone Daddy to volunteer for mission…..that if completed…..would make Olympic history…..that can only be tied…..but never beaten.  Yep, the women’s marathon….of all things….is wht set the fires to burning…..as mission statements were being concocted just hours after USA Joan Benoit took gold over four formidable distance runners…..NOR Grete Waitz, POR Rosa Mata, NOR Ingrid Kristiansen and NZL Lorraine Moller….as Benoit became the first winner of this event in Olympic history….since the women’s marathon was introduced as an event at the 1984 Summer Game….and I’m pretty sure….no American has won it since.  

After watching an American athlete cross the finish line first in the women’s marathon at the Los Angeles Coliseum that day at the Olympic games…..feeling the incredible energy  that bounce off every wall, roof, light pole, nook and cranny of the Olympic stadium…..as the home crowd cheered the diminutive distance runner from Maine in her final lap around the stadium on her way to winning gold….and when she crossed the line…..she set the hook in the minds and mouths of Los Tres Amigos….Bone Daddy, Sky Pilot and Prince of Pleasure…..for the impending mission from God.  Los Tres Amigos had come from Austin,TX with tickets to seven live events at the 1984 Los Angeles Games…..and left the stadium that day with another 19 sporting events to find tickets to accomplish their mission.  

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