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Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Water Polo – USA VS Holland – 1st Period


This particular 1984 Los Angles Olympics men’s water polo match between the USA vs Netherlands,,,,,took place on August 6th in the first match of the final round of this 12-team competition.  Bone Daddy knew the sport of water polo pretty darn well…..cuz he had seen more than a few live events…..as he was intermural chairman for his fraternity for several years at the University of Texas…..albeit he never played the game….cuz as he says….you gotta be a dang good swimmer…..and that my friends….is something neither he nor I are good at….we’re not good swimmers…..and when you have to fight for your position in the water…..we are even worse…..I know this……but BD says often that water polo requires significant swimming skills, strength, floating skills and fighting for your space in the water skills…..all done at the same time….just look at the picture above….would you like to fight for your space in the water with any of those guys!?!  Anyway, this USA vs Holland video is great tough fought game and well worth the watch.

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