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Olympics – 1984 Sarajevo – Closing Ceremony – ABC Hilites With Jim McKay


In my lil ole Sportsphile opinion….the Closing Ceremony at any Olympic Games is an expression of the best of life….and the worst of life….for it is a time when all the athletes of the world come together one final time to celebrate their accomplishments of competing in the Olympics….as each and every participant is truly joyful in the celebration…..but at the same time…..each competitor has a sense of deep sadness….cuz for many of them….this moment is the end of a dream….a simple dream to compete in the Olympics…..and once again, life teaches us all how very close the emotion of joy and sadness are related.  When you add the eloquence and elegance of Jim McKay summation of the whole spectrum of the Closing Ceremony at the Sarajevo Winter Games….you simply have something worth watching again. 

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