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Olympics – 1988 – Seoul Games Special – Taekwondo Medal Ceremony – Gold USA Arlene Limas


Arlene Limas (born February 9, 1966) is an American taekwondo practitioner and multiple international gold medalist….who is of Mexican and Polish descent….who graduated with honors from Whitney Young Magnet High School in Chicago….and received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from De Paul University in 1990.  Arlene Limas made history when she became the first American to win a gold medal at the 24th Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea in the martial art of taekwondo….which made its Olympic debut as an exhibition sport.  She is a member of the Taekwondo Hall of Fame.

After viewing thousands of hours of video in the process of posting this wonderful vintage video….every now and then…..an athlete will do something so extraordinarily moving….that it touches the soul of this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile….and Arlene Limas did just that for me in this video…..as she got every USA fan in the audience at the Medal Ceremony after getting her gold medal…..to sing the Star Spangled Banner with her…..after the audio system failed while raising the 3 flags of the medal winners. When you consider how some folks treat the flag of the United State of America today in 2018…..this truly is an exceptional moment to watch.

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