Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Equestrian 3 Day Event Show Jump – FRA Pascal Morvillers + Gulliver B

Every now and then, we here at ImaSportsphile run across an Olympic competitor that we cannot find any research material on…..and FRA Pascal Morvillers on Gulliver B….who were participating in the 1984 L A Games equestrian team 3 day eventing competition….is one of those competitors… cuz we could find anything about these two.

Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Special – Judd Rose Showcases The Souvenirs & The Vendors Of L A Games

This video brings back a lot of memories to our Bone Daddy here at ImaSportsphile….cuz he and his two Olympic sojourners spent a great deal of time and money at souvenir stands all over the 1984 Los Angeles Games….where they set an Olympic fan record by seeing a live event in every sports discipline gold…


Boxing – 1978 – Howard Cosell PostFight Interview With Ken Norton After Losing Title To Larry Holmes

Ken Norton Sr. was an American professional boxer who competed from 1967 to 1981….and held the WBC heavyweight title in 1978…..who is best known for his trilogy with Muhammad Ali….in which Norton won the first fight by split decision….and lost the latter two fights by split and unanimous decision, respectively…..as Norton also fought a slugfest with Larry Holmes in 1978….after narrowly losing a split decision…..with the…


Boxing – 1964 – Cassius Clay Muhammad Ali Puts On A Show At Announcement Of Sonny Liston Title Fight

There is nobody who ever entered the boxing ring….that could sell a fight like Cassius Marcellus Clay / Muhammad Ali…..as The Greatest carried this nickname because he was not only the greatest to enter the ring…..but also the greatest in front of a mike before or after a fight….as well as the greatest showman inside and outside…


Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Equestrian – Team 3 Day Event Show Jump – USA Mike Plumb On Blue Stone

Mike Plumb is an American equestrian and Olympic champion who competes in the sport of three-day eventing…..who holds the title of the US Olympic competitor who has competed in the greatest number of Olympics (5)….while winning two team gold medals….three team silvers….and one individual silver.  In the 1984 Los Angeles Games, Mike Plumb and horse Blue Stone were a…


Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Cycling Mens 1000m Sprint Finals Heat 2 – USA Mark Gorski Vs USA Nelson Vails

As speed skating legend and professional cyclist Eric Heiden and sportscaster Jay Randolph call this 2nd heat of the men’s 1000m sprint finals between the two Americans…..Mark Gorski and Nelson Vails….they both speculate on what Vails needs to do to beat his teammate…..but, the simple fact was that Gorski was simply a better sprinter than…


Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Equestrian 3 Day Event Show Jump – USA Torrance Fleischmann + Finvarra

Torrance Watkins-Fleischmann is an American equestrian and Olympic champion….who won a team gold medal in eventing at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic….while finishing 4th in the individual competition. Watkins-Fleischmann made her international debut in the 1970’s….in a career that spanned into the 1990s…..while riding her two most famous horses which included the pinto mare Poltroon ….and the ex-racehorse Finvarra….as seen in this video herewith at…


Pool – 1980 – ABC Wide World Of Sports – Howard Cosell Hosts The World Pool Trick Shot Extravaganza

Anyone who has ever played a game of pool or billiards….simply loves trick shots….and more than likely has mastered at least one or two themselves…..for ABC Wide World of Sports took trick pool shots to a whole another level in the decade of the 1980’s…..when they showcased such great pool players as Minnesota Fats….Willie Mosconi…..Allen…


Olympics – 1984 – L A Game – Equestrian 3 Day Event Show Jump – ITA Marina Sciocchetti + Master Hunt

Marina Sciocchetti is an Italian equestrian……who won a team silver medal in eventing at the 1980 Moscow Olympics…..and again in the 1984 Los Angeles Games…..where she is seen in this video herewith…..riding Master Hunt in the equestrian team 3 day event show jump competition.