MLB – April 1983 – This Week In Baseball – St Louis Cardinals Pitch 3 Shutouts In 1st Week Of Season

The St. Louis Cardinals 1983 season was the team’s 102nd season in St. Louis, Missouri….and the 92nd season in the National League. The Cardinals went 79-83 during the season and finished 4th in the National League East….which was eleven games behind the NL Champion Philadelphia Phillies. They were the first team in the Divisional play era to have a losing season one year…


Comedy – 1981 – Red Skelton Live – Stand Up Routine – On Things That Always Seem To Happen

The truly great comedians can all find humor and a good laugh from the simplest of things in every day life….for the great ones don’t need a big punch line to a funny joke….or the expression of a human frailty to get a good laugh….cuz truly funny people like America’s Clown Prince can simply state that they…


MLB – 1910 To 1950 – The Story Of Black Baseball + The Negro League – With Host Audrey Kates

We at ImaSportsphile are just “tickled pink” to have these excerpts from the 1980 made for TV special The Boys In The Field….cuz it provides the very best footage of highlights from action in The Negro Professional Baseball Leagues from 1910 to 1950….for these video clips are nothing less than “pure gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories…


Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Cycling Mens Sprint Finals – 1 Of Best Of 3 – USA Gorski Vs USA Vails

USA Olympic cyclists in the men’s 1000m sprint competition were two riders from very different places that found themselves competing for the gold medal in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics… Mark Gorski was fundamentalist in the sport…..who trained hard on the road and in the weight room….while Nelson Vails was called “The Cheetah”…..who prowled the streets…


MLB – 1983 – This Week In Baseball Salutes ChiSox P Jerry Koosman On 200th MLB Win At Age 40

Jerry Koosman is an American former professional baseball pitcher….who played in Major League Baseball for the New York Mets, Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox, and Philadelphia Phillies between 1967 and 1985….and is best known for being a member of the Miracle Mets team that won the 1969 World Series.  Mel Allen of This Week In Baseball salutes 40 year old Chicago White Sox pitcher Jerry Koosman on his 200th MLB victory in this video…


TV Ads – 1986 – Robert Houseman For Smith Barney Investments + J & J Baby Shampoo + Duracell Battery

Smith Barney & Co. was formed in 1938 through the merger of Charles D. Barney & Co. and Edward B. Smith & Co. Charles D. Barney & Co….which was a New York and Philadelphia based firm founded by Charles D. Barney in 1873…..while becoming a significant player in securities underwriting in 1934 ….when the firm absorbed the professionals from the…


Olympics – 1984 – L A Games – Equestrian – Team 3 Day Event Show Jump – NZL Mark Todd On Charisma

Sir Mark Todd KNZM CBE is a New Zealand horseman noted for his accomplishments in the discipline of eventing….who was voted rider of the 20th century by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports….after winning gold medals at Los Angeles in 1984 and Seoul in 1988 Olympics….while winning the Badminton Horse Trials four time….plus, the Burghley Horse Trials on five occasions….and as a member of New Zealand’s Eventing team….where he won gold…


Boxing – 1980 – Howard Cosell In Studio With Champ Sugar Ray Leonard After His NO MAS Duran Fight II

Sugar Ray Leonard makes it crystal clear to Howard Cosell that he will not sign to fight Roberto Duran for a third bout between the two champions…..especially after Manos de Piedras declared NO MAS….NO MAS!!!….towards the end of the eighth round of their 2nd fight….cuz Sugar Ray was embarrassing what was a truly great boxing champion….after Duran had…


Comedy – 1981 – Red Skelton Live – Featuring Clem Kaddiddilehoffer On Having Gotten Married

There is no more beloved comedian than Red Skelton…..and there is no more beloved comedic character than Clem Kaddiddilehoffer…..whom America’s Clown Prince would bring out in darn near every live performance that Red Skelton gave to the world. 

This is classic stuff from the single most popular person in our entire library here at ImaSportsphile.