Boxing – 1982 – 15 Rnd WBC Featherwt Championship – Mario Miranda Vs Juan Laporte

DOG ASIDE:                 In early 1982, WBC World Featherweight Champion Salvador Sanchez was tragically killed in a car crash just before he was to have a rematch with Puerto Rican boxer Juan LaPorte….who had taken the Mexican World Featherweight Champion the distance less than a year earlier…so, when it…


Music – 1980 – Austin City Limits – Willie Nelson – In My Mothers Eyes


We at ImaSportsphile want to dedicate this vintage Willie Nelson video where he sings “In My Mother’s Eyes” especially to our Moms….who raised us just like the song says….“with God’s gift from up above….sent down for me to love….I find in my Mother’s eyes”.   Thanks for everything Mom!!!

NCAA Football – 1985 – SWC Game Of Week – Texas Longhorns Vs Texas Tech Red Raiders – 1st Qtr

DOG ASIDE:    There is a going to be a battle that goes on when the Longhorns and the Red Raiders face off on the gridiron….for it dang near never matters who has the better talent or who is considered to be the better team….and this 1985 SWC Game of the Week between these two…


NCAA Football – 1987 – SWC Game Of Week – Texas Tech Red Raiders Vs Texas Longhorns – 3rd Qtr

DOG ASIDE:     The 1987 Texas Longhorns football team represented the University of Texas at Austin in the 1987 NCAA Division I-A football season. The Longhorns were coached by David McWilliams and finished the regular season with a 6–5 record….which ended on a high note as they defeated  Pittsburgh University in the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl…by a score of 32 – 27.     …


NCAAW Basketball – 1986 – Womens Midwest Region Finals – Texas Vs Ole Miss – 3rd Qtr

DOG ASIDE:    The 1986 University of Texas Lady Longhorns basketball team is a team of history that occupies very rare space in sports….as this bunch of over-achieving athletes under the direction of legendary basketball coach Jody Conradt….were the first team to experience perfection in a season….after going undefeated in 34 straight games on their…


Boxing – 1981 – 15 Rnd WBC Featherweight Championship – Roberto Castanon Vs Salvador Sanchez

DOG COMMENTARY:    We at ImaSportsphile have grown to love Mexican boxers from Jose Luiz Ramirez to Rafael “Bozooka” Limon….to Lupe Pintor….to Pepino Cuevas….to Juan LaPorte….to Julio Cesar Chavez et al….but the one we have grown to appreciate most was Salvador Sanchez….who was killed in an automobile accident at the tremendously young age of 22…


NFL – 1988 – CBS Pregame Show – NFC Championship – Minnesota Vikings Vs Washington Redskins

DOG ASIDE:    The CBS Sports NFL Today crew of Brent Musburger, Irv Cross and Will McDonnough were top shelf in the industry at covering the NFL….so, anytime they put on a Pregame or Halftime Show….you could pretty much bet on a program well worth watching…..but when you and the game broadcast crew of Pat…


NCAA Football – 1984 – SWC Game Of Week – Texas Longhorns Vs Texas Tech Red Raiders – 2nd Half

DOG ASIDE:    Bone Daddy, the original Sportsphile, was raised in West Texas where football was KING….with the only close 2nd being baseball….which was just a popular as football in the 1950s and 1960s…..I mean, can you sing  “talkin baseball….with Willie….Mickey….and the Duke”….but football in West Texas was a way of life….heck, the fathers of really…