NFL – 1985 – NBC Halftime Show With Bob Costas – AFC Divisional Playoffs – Raiders Vs Patriots

DOG ASIDE:      After processing over 1800 videos to post on our site here at ImaSportsphile….I realize that I like dang near every halftime show ever produced by the networks that brought live NFL football to the viewing public back in the day.  It was really enjoyable and worth watching….with interesting interviews, player profiles,…


Music – 1981 – Austin City Limits – Roy Clark + Gatemouth Brown & John Hartford

DOG ASIDE:    There is absolutely nothing in our entire 2300 hours of vintage video that brings a bigger smile to this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile than the music from Austin City Limits….and this video herewith is no exception….as it starts off with one of my very favorite pieces of country music….The Orange Blossom Special….being…


Special – 1979 – Best Athlete Of 1st 25 Yrs Of Sports Illustrated Award – Muhammad Ali Winner

DOG COMMENTARY:      Without question, Sports Illustrated has been the gold standard for a sports publication in America for 64 years since the first edition hit the new stands in 1954.  Sports Illustrated is an American sports media franchise owned by Time Inc….whose self-titled magazine has over 3 million subscribers….and is read by 23 million people each week….including over 18…


Boxing – 1980 – 15 Rnd WBC Featherweight Title Fight – Patrick Ford Vs Salvador Sanchez

DOG ASIDE:    Patrick Ford was a Guyanese and British Commonwealth Featherweight champion boxer…. who challenged twice for the world featherweight title….and was credited with paving the way for Guyanese professional boxers that followed….as Ford won 16 consecutive professional bouts at the start of his career in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and Nigeria between 1978 and…


Distance Running – 1984 – Special – Austin American Statesman’s Capitol 10,000

DOG PHILOSOPHY:  Austin, Texas is one of the most unique cities in the world….which has had a moniker of Keep Austin Wierd for some 53 years since the mid-1960’s….while being the home of The University of Texas….Barton Springs….78704…Capital 10,000….Austin City Limits….6th Street….Franklin’s BBQ…Formula 1 Racing…. Live Music Scene….Robert Rodriquez movies…TexMex food and on and on….for it is…


NFL – 1985 – AFC Divisional Playoffs – Los Angeles Raiders Vs New England Patriots – 2nd Qtr

DOG ASIDE:    The 1985 NFL Season was a year in which the Chicago Bears steamrolled through the season with a 15 – 1 record….and then steamrolled the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX by a score of 46 – 10….after the Pats had beaten the Los Angeles Raiders in the AFC Divisional Playoffs…


Boxing – 1982 – 15 Rnd WBC Featherwt Championship – Mario Miranda Vs Juan Laporte

DOG ASIDE:                 In early 1982, WBC World Featherweight Champion Salvador Sanchez was tragically killed in a car crash just before he was to have a rematch with Puerto Rican boxer Juan LaPorte….who had taken the Mexican World Featherweight Champion the distance less than a year earlier…so, when it…


Music – 1980 – Austin City Limits – Willie Nelson – In My Mothers Eyes


We at ImaSportsphile want to dedicate this vintage Willie Nelson video where he sings “In My Mother’s Eyes” especially to our Moms….who raised us just like the song says….“with God’s gift from up above….sent down for me to love….I find in my Mother’s eyes”.   Thanks for everything Mom!!!

NCAA Football – 1985 – SWC Game Of Week – Texas Longhorns Vs Texas Tech Red Raiders – 1st Qtr

DOG ASIDE:    There is a going to be a battle that goes on when the Longhorns and the Red Raiders face off on the gridiron….for it dang near never matters who has the better talent or who is considered to be the better team….and this 1985 SWC Game of the Week between these two…