Olympics – 1932 Los Angeles – Track – Mens 100m – USA Ralph Metcalfe & Eddie Tolan

DOG ASIDE: This video shows vividly two of greatest controversies in Olympic history…..as USA sprinters Ralph Metcalfe and Eddie Tolan in the 100m was the 1st controversy with a photo finish that shows at both men break the tape at the same time….but officials gave the victory to Tolan….saying his whole body crossed the finish…


Olympics – 1932 Los Angeles – Men’s Pentathlon & Eights Rowing & Women’s Diving

DOG ASIDE: Watching the men’s pentathlon at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics….you would get a sense of how this Olympic sport evolved from the training of the military’s finest soldiers…..as each participant at these Olympics were all member of their country’s military.  In the men’s eights rowing….USA wins gold…Italy silver…..and Germany bronze.  In the women’s…


Olympics – 1952 Helsinki & 1956 Melbourne – Womens Diving – USA Pat McCormick

DOG ASIDE: Patricia Joan “Pat” McCormick (born May 12, 1930 in Seal Beach, California) is a retired female diver from the United States….who won a total number of four gold medals by winning both diving events at two consecutive Summer Olympics (1952 Helsinki and 1956 Melbourne).  As a child in the 1930s and 40’s she…


Olympics – 1968 Mexico City – Track – Mens 800m – AUS Doubell & KEN Kiprugut

DOG ASIDE: The Men’s 800 metres competition at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Mexico.  The events were held at the University Olympic Stadium on October 13–15.  The competition had seven heats in the first round….two semi-finals….and a final. The top two in the first round heats progressed….as did the four fastest non-qualifiers. The…


Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Opening Ceremony Highlights – NBC with Bob Costas

DOG ASIDE: This was the first Olympics without a boycott in 12 years….and this video covers the highlights of the pageantry the Opening Ceremony…..for in the world of sports….there is nothing more spectacular or rewarding than seeing the Opening Ceremony….as the host country always puts on a show to remember….and Seoul 1988 in definitely no…


Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Highlights of Boxing Controversy & Interview With US Ambassador James Lilley

DOG ASIDE: Boxing at the 1988 Seoul was shrouded with controversy after controversy….starting with USA Andrew Hembrick being given the wrong time for his bout with a home grown Korean fighter….as he loses by a no-show…..USA Roy Jones being chosen the outstanding boxer at the Olympics by the International Amateur Boxing Federation….even after losing to…


Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Boxing & Wrestling – Highlights With Marv Albert & Bob Costas


In this video, Bob Costas narrates highlights of Seoul Olympic Boxing…..with great footage  USA medal winners Michael Carbajal, Riddick Bowe, Kennedy McKinney, Ray Mercer & Andrew Maynard….then he provides highlights in Olympic Wrestling with USA medalists Dennis Kozlowski, John Smith, Kenny Monday, Bruce Baumgartner, Bill Shearer and Nate Carr.