Olympics – 1988 Seoul – Men’s and Women’s Diving Competition & Women’s Gymnastics

DOG ASIDE: This video gives us wonderful highlights of the entire men’s and women’s Olympic Diving Competition at the 1988 Seoul Games…for this was historic stuff…..especially with USA Greg Louganis becoming the only Olympic diver in history to win gold in both platform and springboard diving in two consecutive Olympic games…..and Olympic gold medalist Pat…


Olympics – 1988 Calgary – Speed Skating Mens 500m – USA Dan Jansen

DOG ASIDE: As if the tragedy of a close family member death isn’t difficult enough…..try competing for the gold medal in the Olympics in the 1988 Calgary Games immediately after receiving the news of a loved one passing…..cuz that is what USA Dan Jansen had to do on the day of the finals in the…


Olympics – 1988 Calgary – Ice Dancing – Viennese Waltz


Ice Dancing at the Olympics is breathtaking and beautiful…..and the Viennese Waltz portion as seen in the video from Calgary in 1988….for I call this video, The Four B’s….Bestemianova, Bukin, Breathtaking, Beautiful…..as the Russian skaters Natalia Bestemianova and Andrei Bukin are well worth the watch.

Olympics – 1988 Calgary – Men’s Figure Skating – USSR Viktor Petrenko

DOG ASIDE: Viktor Vasyliovych Petrenko (Ukrainian: Віктор Васильович Петренко; born 27 June 1969) is a Ukrainian former competitive figure skater….who represented the Soviet Union….the Unified Team….and Ukraine during his career.  He is the 1992 Olympic Champion for the Unified Team at Albertville, CN.  Petrenko became the first flagbearer for Ukraine.  Petrenko currently lives in the…


Olympics – 1972 Munich – Track – Mens 800m – USA Dave Wottle

DOG ASIDE: David “Dave” James Wottle (born August 7, 1950) is a retired American middle-distance track athlete.  He was the gold medalist in the 800 meter run at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.  Leading up to the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany….Wottle won the AAU 800 meter title before equaling the world record…


Olympics – 1972 Munich – Mens Basketball – USSR VS USA

DOG ASIDE: This video of the 1972 Munich Olympics men’s basketball game between the USSR vs USA provided as much drama….except for the terrorist attack on Israeli team….which was horrible for HUMANITY….but the loss by the USA basketball team to the Russians was about as bad as international basketball can ever be….especially on an official’s…


Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Boxing – USA Pernell “Sweatpea” Whitaker VS Reinir Gies WGermany – With Howard Cosell

DOG ASIDE: In this video you get to watch a really good Olympic boxer at the 1984 L A Games……Pernell “Sweatpea” Whitaker…..as he fought West German Reinir Gies…..who didn’t have many boxing skills…..but was a pretty tough street fighter….not always clean if you know what I mean.  Anyway, just hearing Howard making the call for…


Olympics – 1984 Los Angeles – Equestrian Horse Jumping – Part 2

DOG COMMENTARY: Most folks don’t know this about me….but this lil ole Chiweenie dog finds herself laughing at how people with “their where with all”….have their places that they like to show off their wealth…..not all the time….but at the right time, for them….like the opera, the ballet, equestrian show jumping, Holywood red carpet, et…


Bonne Daddy´s 1959 New York Yankees Baseball Card Colleccion Pieces

DOG ASIDE: The 1959 New York Yankees season was the 57th season for the team in New York and its 59th overall.  The team finished in third place in the American League with a record of 79–75….15 games behind the Chicago White Sox.  The Yanks were managed by Casey Stengel….playing their home games at Yankee…