Gail Davies Live At ACL Sings Blue Heartache & Taking My Bucket Down To The South Road

DOG ASIDE: Gail Davies is an American singer/songwriter and the first female record producer in the history of country music. She is the daughter of country singer Tex Dickerson and the sister of songwriter Ron Davies… she established herself as a successful singer and songwriter during the 1970’s and 1980’s….scoring numerous Top 10 and Top 20 Billboard  hits.…


Jim McKay Compares Womens Gymnastics In 1968 To 1978 In Vault & Floor Exercise & Uneven Bars & Beam


In the decade from 1968 to 1978…..women’s gymnastics grew leaps and bounds in popularity in the US…..and along with this decade of growth….each of the four disciplines in women’s gymnastics….the vault, the floor exercise, the uneven bars and the balance beam….all got increasingly more difficult….as this video portrayed so well by Jim McKay.

Annimated Disney Songs The Blue Danube Waltz Snore Along & Old McDonald Had A Band

DOG ASIDE: Disney Sing-Along Songs in the earlier days were a series of videos with musical moments from various Disney films, TV shows and attractions….with lyrics for the songs being displayed on-screen with the Mickey Mouse icon as a bouncing ball over the words to be sung.Professor Owl hosts some of the videos with Ludwig Von Drake….as in this…


1983 USSR Gymnastics Exhibition With Nellie Kim & Nicolai Andrianov

DOG ASIDE: Nicolai Andrianov was a Soviet/Russian gymnast….who held the record for men for the most Olympic medals won at 15 (7 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 3 bronze medals) until Michael Phelps surpassed him at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Nellie Kim was a Soviet gymnast who won three gold medals and a silver…


Robert Shaw Live At ACL Sings My Name Is Piggly Wiggly & Let Me See You Do The Mess Around

DOG ASIDE: Robert Shaw was an American blues and boogie-woogie pianist….best known for his 1963 album….The Ma Grinder. He learned his barrel house style of playing from musicians in the Fourth Ward in Houston. In the 1920’s….Shaw was part of the “Santa Fe Circuit” named after touring musicians utilizing the Santa Fe freight trains. Although…


USA Womens Gymnastics Cathy Rigby Winning Silver Medal At 1970 World Championship On The Balance Beam

DOG ASIDE: Cathy Rigby is an actress, speaker, and former world class gymnast. Her performance in the 1968 Summer Olympics at Mexico City helped to popularize the sport of gymnastics in the United States. She became the first American woman to win a medal at a World Gymnastics Championship…the silver medal on the balance beam. After her…


Flacco Jimenez Live At Austin City Limits Sings Como Mexico

DOG ASIDE: Bone Daddy has told me the story on many occasions…..about him and Miss C going dancing at The Chula Vida Dance Hall outside of Dale, TX….as they would be the only Gringos….along with about 400 Mexicans cutting a rug on the dance hall floor….while listening to the Cajunto sounds of Flacco Jimenez….and having…


Walter Matthau Hosts Comedy In The Movies With Mae West And WC Fields

DOG ASIDE: Comedic Actor Walter Matthau hosts as salute to comedy in the movies…..with this video showing the comedy and magic that Mae West and W C Fields brought to the silver screen. West and Fields were incomparable in the annals of cinema as a female and male comedic team….as this video so aptly show…