Special – MLB Salary Comparison Of 1963 and 1983 & Al Oerter On Steroids

DOG ASIDE: This video provides a really interesting look at the highest paid MLB players in 1963…..and how that compares with the highest paid player salaries of 1983….and do you know what grew that salary base?…..the boob tube….that’s television folks…..for this reason for growth has escalated beyond belief since 1983 to 2016.  This video then…


Special – 1982 – Sports Year In Review – Part 5

DOG ASIDE: Regretfully, we do not have audio on this clip…but the video is still great….and the sporting events that are covered….are well worth watching even without sound…so, kicking off the video is highlights of Bjorn Borg vs John McEnroe in the Men’s Finals at Wimbledon….then moves to coverage of soccer’s World Cup….followed by a…


Special – NFL Film – The Fashion Conscious NFL Of The 1960’s & The Career of Joe Montana

DOG ASIDE: As an accredited Sportsphile….I just have a huge spot in my heart for father Ed Sabol and son Steve Sabol….the awesome minds behind NFL Films…..for these men proved over and over that a picture is worth a thousand words….and in their case….a good film is worth a thousand memories….and they have been the…


Special – 1975 – Magic Year In Sports – Part 2

DOG ASIDE: In 1975, one of the biggest events of  the year became one of the saddest….as the phenom filly Ruffian broke her ankle in a match race with Foolish Pleasure and had to be destroyed…..then there was the US Open golf where Lou Graham beat John Mahaffey by two strokes to win….while Arthur Ashe…


Special – 1975 – Magic Year In Sports – Part 1

DOG ASIDE: This video on the magic year in sports that 1975 turned out to be….for it was the rookie year for Bill Walton in the NBA….with Rick Barry leading the Golden State Warriors over the Washington Bullets in the NBA Finals….then there was the Buffalo Sabres vs the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup…


NFL – Story Of The Juice – O J Simpson – From USC To The NFL Hall of Fame

DOG ASIDE: There may not be any story in sports that is as diverse and unexpected as the story of The Juice – O J Simpson….as this video focuses on his career from his Heisman Trophy days at USC….to his Hall of Fame years for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL….including his 1973 record breaking…


NFL – Profile of QB Joe Montana – The San Francisco 49’ers Leader

DOG ASIDE: This video shows the story of San Francisco 49’ers QB Joe Montana….from Notre Dame to the 49’ers….as he returns from back surgery in 1984 to lead San Francisco to a win in Super Bowl XIX.  Montana was known as the “comeback kid”….as he provides evidence in this clip that becomes unquestionable…..as Montana and…


Special – 1986 CBS Sports – Year In Review – Part 5


1986 gave sports fans everywhere an incredible US Tennis Open Women’s Finals between reigning queen Martina Navratilova and so to be queen of the courts, Steffi Graf….while in boxing Mike Tyson looked unbeatable….and Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler finally meet in the ring for the Middleweight Title. 

Special – 1986 CBS Sports – Year In Review – Part 2

DOG ASIDE: In this video of the review of 1986 in sports….probably the biggest sports headline was taken by PGA golfer Jack Nicklaus….as the Golden Bear became the oldest Masters winner (age 46) in winning his last major golf championship…..as Greg Norman won the British Open….Ray Floyd the US Open….and Bob Tway the PGA Championship.…