Animation Movie – Animalympics – Part 2 – Figure Skating & Boxing & Track n Field

DOG ASIDE: Many of the segments of Animalympics stand alone….plus there are some recurring events and important characters. The largest such story is the coverage of the marathon….where competitors René Fromage and Kit Mambo are the favorites to win. Both are determined to win with Fromage having devoted his entire life to the marathon….while Mambo…


Animation Movie – Animalympics – Part 1 – Flame Journey & Marathon & Gymnastics imasportsphile

DOG ASIDE: Animalympics is a 1980 animated film produced by Lisberger Studios….and released by Warner Bros.  It was the third animated feature film presented with Dolby sound. Originally commissioned by the NBC network as two separate specials…it spoofs the Summer and Winter Olympic Games….and features the voices of Billy Crystal, Gilda Radner, Harry Shearer and Michael…


Special Abracadabra It Is Magic Host Dick Cavett Part 2

DOG ASIDE: Magic shows consist of many types of magic….and even more types of magic tricks….which are typically known by names and short phrases….like Asrah Levitation, Battle of the Barrels, Bill in Lemon, Bullet Catch, Cabinet Escape, Dagger Head Box, Dismemberment, Guillotin, Vanish Coin, Metamorphosis and Predicament Escape…..and so many more…..but they are all MAGIC…..and…


Special – Abracadabra It Is Magic – Host Dick Cavett – Part 1


Dick Cavett hosts a 3-part series called “Abracadabra It Is Magic”… he brings some of the finest magicians in the world together for this fascinating magic show…..from illusionists to prestidigitation masters of the art of magic….so, tell me….is there anyone alive who doesn’t like magic?…..if there is….they probably don’t like ice cream either.

Special – Abracadabra It Is Magic – Host Dick Cavett – Part 3

DOG ASIDE: Magic holds a special place in Bone Daddy’s heart…..cuz he stayed 12 nights at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA…..while attending the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games…..and there is no place in the world that holds magic in higher esteem than the Academy of Magical Arts which is housed at The Magic…


Special – 1979 US Sky Diving Championship – Part 2

DOG ASIDE: The current FAI world record for largest free-fall formation is a 400-way….set on February 8, 2006 in Udon Thani, Thailand by World Team….as it was held for 4.25 seconds. They used five C-130 Hercules airplanes….exiting from an altitude of 25,000 feet. In April 2013 The World Team tried to break the record for…


Special – 1979 US Sky Diving Championship – Part 1

DOG ASIDE: Formation skydiving is a skydiving event where multiple skydivers attach themselves to one another by grabbing each other’s limbs or by the use of “grippers” on their jumpsuit while free falling through the sky. The goal of this skydiving program is to build a formation of multiple divers arranged in a geometric pattern.…


Special – 1975 – Magic Year In Sports – Part 2

DOG ASIDE: The year 1975 had super highs and some super lows… one of the lowest lows was to take place in the horse racing match race between the super filly Ruffian and the best stud Foolish Pleasure….for Ruffian would break her ankle and have to be destroyed…..but on the other side of lows were…


Special – 1979 Pan American Games – Part 2

DOG ASIDE: This clip from the 1979 Pan American Games leads off with a wrap-up of the boxing competition….featuring USA’s Lem Steeples and Jackie Beard…..which is followed by a Jack Whitaker piece of the USA men’s basketball team with Coach Bobby Knight and his assistant coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K today)…..and his opinion on the…