Bone Daddy’s NFL Super Bowl T-shirt Collection Pieces

DOG ASIDE: Bone Daddy has seen 4 Super Bowls live….SB XXI Giants vs Broncos….SB XVIII Raiders vs Redskins…..SB XV Raiders vs Eagles…..and SB XIX Dolphins vs 49’ers….and although the actual games haven’t been particularly great….the Super Bowl experience is never a letdown….for as BD puts it….the Super Bowl rates right there with a great world…


Bone Daddy’s NFL Caps Collection Pieces

DOG ASIDE:  This post provides you with caps of NFL events attended by Bone Daddy over the years. The Raiders, especially the teams coached by John Madden….are at the top of his list of all time favorite NFL teams….along with the Houston Oilers coached by Bum Phillips with running back Earl Campbell….as both these teams…


Bone Daddy’s NFL Framed Pictures Collection Pieces


I must admit that I have hundreds of framed pictures of many various sports and athletes to choose from…..which I can post from Bone Daddy’s collection….so, it gives me great pleasure to post these NFL pictures.

Bone Daddy’s NFL Official Pennants Collection Pieces

DOG ASIDE: Bone Daddy has pennants of teams for many sports….and although pennants are old school type sports memorabilia….they are still cool and continue to look good on any wall of a room that I walk into where one or some are displayed….as this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile just likes them from all eras. These…


Bone Daddy’s NHL Framed Picture Collection Pieces

DOG ASIDE: After coming home from a live sporting event….Bone Daddy will attempt to describe a play or an incident in a game that I don’t know much about….which it is often times difficult for me to understand….so he uses his sports pictures collection to try to help me understand….and I can tell you this….a…


Bone Daddy’s NHL Pennants Collection Pieces

DOG ASIDE: From this lil ole Chiweenie sportsphiles perspective….which is pretty darn accurate most of the time…I like pennants hanging on the walls of house that I go in.  There is just something about pennants….that just let you know right off that the inhabitants of that home are sports fans….and I like that feeling when…


Bone Daddy’s NHL Autograph Collection Pieces

DOG ASIDE: Bone Daddy has had the good fortune to see some of the best players in that particular sports history….Al Oerter, Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses et al in track & field…Mark Spitz, Tracy Caukins, Jil Sterkl in swimming…..Michael Jordan, Akeem Olajuwon and Pistol Pete Maravich et al in basketball….Doak Walker, Earl Campbell, Barry Sanders…


Bone Daddy’s 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics Official Magazines & Publications Collection Pieces

DOG ASIDE: The 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics was a 15 day spectacle of sporting events…..with news and media coverage from every sports publication of any import in the United States of America….as evidenced by these pieces of collection of official magazines and publications in and around the L A  Games….and Bone Daddy was able…