1984 Olympics – Mens 100m Finals – Carl Lewis gold & Sam Graddy silver & Ben Johnson bronze

DOG ASIDE: Talk about a phenomenal Olympic men’s 100m dash finals win, place and show….the 1984 Los Angeles Games…..provided fans of races that feature “speed merchants” get to burn….something very special….a race featuring Carl Lewis, Sam Graddy and Ben Johnson……yeh, yeh….Usain Bolt has been awesome…..but for a line-up of three really great sprinters….not bad.  I…


1984 Olympics Mens Swimming 4 x 100m Medley Relay Qualifying & Water Polo imasportsphile

DOG ASIDE: The 1984 US Olympic men’s swim team was incredibly powerful…..evidence by the members of the 4 x 100m medley relay members….Rick Carey of University of Texas fame….Steve Lungquist, Pablo Morales and Rowdy Gaines….whew, you talk about a line up….I am not so sure that this four might be the best 4 x 100m…


1984 Olympics – Men’s Sailing – 470 Class & Tornado Class & Flying Dutchman Class

DOG ASIDE: Sailing/Yachting is an Olympic sport starting from the Games of the 1st Olympiad (1896 Olympics in Athens, Greece). With the exception of 1904 and possibly 1916….sailing was always a part of the Olympic program. The Sailing program of 1984 consisted of a total of seven sailing classes (disciplines).  For each class seven races…


Taj Mahal – Live at Austin City Limits – Slave Driver & Life is Beautiful

DOG ASIDE: Taj Mahal had one of the best “islands” musician….with a sound that just takes the listener to the islands every time his music is heard. This lil ole Chiweenie remembers Taj playing on a regular basis in Austin during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s….a time of gaiety like in an F. Scott…


Olympics – 1984 L A Games Day 15 – Men’s Volleyball Finals – USA vs Brazil


The 1984 Olympics brought the first ever gold medal to the United States team….consisting of Dusty Dvorak, Dave Saunders, Steven Salmons, Paul Sunderland, Rich Duwelius, Steve Timmons, Craig Buck, Marc Waldie, Chris Marlowe, Aldis Berzins, Patrick Powers and 
Karch Kiraly….as the Americans defeated Brazil in the finals.

Olympics Special – Americas Athletes on the Road to the 1980 Moscow Olympics

DOG ASIDE: I wrote a story titled “The Worst Ticks are Politics”….cuz politics robs HUMANS of their dream….and that is exactly what US President Jimmy Carter did in his decision of politics….to boycott the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics….as he literally robbed the dreams of hundreds of American athletes….who had trained for four years or more….to…


1984 Olympics – Men’s Freestyle Wrestling – USA Bruce Baumgardner & USA Joe Gonzalez

DOG ASIDE: Bruce Robert Baumgartner (born November 2, 1960) is a retired American amateur wrestler….who ranked as one of the top super-heavyweight freestyle wrestlers for more than a decade. Winning his first World Championship medal, a bronze, in 1983….he won the World Championship in Los Angeles. He confirmed his status with the Communist Bloc (Eastern European)…


Olympics -1984 L A Games Day 4 – Women’s Swimming 200m Backstroke & 200m Butterfly

DOG ASIDE: Jolanda de Rover (gold) from the Netherlands defeated USA Amy White (silver) in the women’s 200m backstroke…..but the real winner on this day was none other than “Madame Butterfly”….USA Mary T. Meagher….the world’s best women’s butterfly swimmer for many years. Mary T. was surely one of those swimmers worth watching every time she entered…