The Story Of Grandson Of Knute Rockne Coaching Football At East Carbon High School In Utah

DOG ASIDE: Just the name Knute Rockne conjures up visions of college football….young men playing a game they love….while being motivated by the finest of coaches…each who understands the psychology of teaching and motivating boys to play a game….while ultimately developing men to be able to tackle all of life’s challenges after they quit playing…


NCAA Football Highlights The Legend Of Bear Bryant

DOG ASIDE: In 1954, Bryant accepted the head coaching job at Texas A&M University…..where he also served as athletic director.  The Aggies suffered through a grueling 1-9 initial season….which began with the infamous training camp in Junction, Texas…..when the “survivors” were given the name “Junction Boys”.  Two years later, Bryant led the team to the…


1985 ESPN With David Sullivan On NCAA Football David McWilliams As New Coach At Texas Tech

DOG ASIDE: This ESPN Sportscenter clip from 1985 covers the announcement of David McWilliams a former American football player at The University of Texas from 1961 to 1963….and defensive coordinator at Texas from 1982 to 1985 when he was named as the head coach at Texas Tech University in 1986. McWilliams returned to UT at…


1978 ESPN NFL Primetime With Tom Jackson & Chris Bermen & Gayle Gardner

DOG ASIDE: This video clip gives you a look at a 1978 ESPN telecast with Chris Berman, Tom Jackson and Gayle Gardner…who were some of the original ESPN sportscasters.  Both Berman and Jackson are still bringing the NFL on ESPN in 2016…..some 38 years later…which by any standard is a significant accomplishment….especially when you consider…


Bone Daddy’s 1958 New York Yankees Baseball Card Collection

DOG ASIDE: The 1958 New York Yankees season was the 56th season for the team in New York….and its 58th season overall. The team finished with a record of 92–62….winning their 24th pennant….finishing 10 games ahead of the Chicago White Sox. In the 1958 World Series….they defeated the Milwaukee Braves in 7 games.  New York was…


Bone Daddy’s 1957 New York Yankees Baseball Card Collection

DOG ASIDE: The 1957 New York Yankees season was the 55th season for the team in New York….and its 57th season overall. The team finished with a record of 98–56……winning their 23rd AL pennant…..finishing eight games ahead of the Chicago White Sox…..and being managed by Casey Stengel. The Yankees played their home games at Yankee Stadium. …


Weightlifting 1982 World Cup Power Lifting Championship

DOG ASIDE: Power lifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts…squat, bench press and dead lift.  As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting….it involves lifting weights in three attempts. Power lifting evolved from a sport known as “odd lifts”….which followed the same three-attempt format but used a wider…


Bone Daddy’s University of Texas & Austin Collection Pieces


Bone Daddy has been a resident of Austin, Texas since he went to college at the University of Texas in 1965….where he has attended many sporting events including high school, college, regional playoffs, state playoffs, university, intramurals and city league…..and these pieces represent only a few of those type events.

Bone Daddy’s University of Texas Baseball Collection Pieces

DOG ASIDE: In 1968, after hanging up initially on University of Texas football coach & athletic director, Darrell Royal… Coach Gus thought it was a prank phone call….he took a pay cut to coach the baseball team at The University of Texas at Austin.While there, he led the Longhorns to twenty-two Southwest Conference Championships….a record seventeen…