Highlights Of Triple Crown Rivalry Between Affirmed VS Alydar – The Greatest Rivalry In Horse Racing

   DOG ASIDE: Triple Crown winner Affirmed ridden by rookie sensation jockey Stevie Cauthern had a historic and well documented battle with Alydar in each of their triple crown races….Kentucky Derby / Preakness / Belmont Stakes.  This video displays just how close the talent, strength and speed that each horse had in this epic battle.…


This Week In Baseball’s Mel Allen Shows And Raps What Makes For Baseball Dreams


The undeniable voice of Mel Allen bringing one of the first raps ever recorded in Major League Baseball in “Baseball Dreams”….one of Mel Allen’s special features on his long standing program….This Week in Baseball.  There are many notable baseball broadcasters….but none more notable and distinguishable than the great Mel Allen.



New York Yankee Highlights From Early 1950’s Featuring Joe DiMaggio & Mickey Mantle

DOG ASIDE: The decade of the 1950’s for the New York Yankees would prove to be the passing of the torch from center fielders Joe DiMaggio to Mickey Mantle….the blossoming of three key young players in Catcher Yogi Berra, CF Mantle and P Whitey Ford….who would all in up in the Hall of Fame following…


1984 Olympics Men’s 100m Competition With Carl Lewis – Broadcasters Al Micheals And O J Simpson

DOG ASIDE: Bone Daddy’s trip to the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics prove to be one of the greatest achievements of this Sportsphile’s career…..as he and his two travelling companions accomplished a feat that can never be broken….only tied….as they were able to attend live and in person a sporting event in each of the…


Bob Hope Christmas Tours with Anne Margaret & 1958 Berlin Air Lift & General Jimmie Doolittle

    DOG ASIDE: Bob Hope left a legacy of love and hope with American soldiers and servicemen / women all over the world with his annual Christmas Tours to USA military facilities for more than 25 years. Hope always brought top name entertainers, musicians and beautiful women along with him to put on a…


Highlights Of Al Oerter’s 4 Gold Medal Wins In Men’s Discus In 4 Successive Olympic Games

 DOG ASIDE: One of the greatest feats ever accomplished throughout the history of the Olympic Games was achieved in the Men’s Discus Competition by USA Al Oerter….when he won 4 Gold Medals in 4 consecutive Summer Olympics. Oerter proved to be the best discus thrower in Olympic competition covering 16 years in a row. This…


Highlights Of Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf From Austin, Texas – 1st Five Years

DOG ASIDE: Ranking at the top of the class as an all time favorite live sporting event to ever take place in Austin, Texas was the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf Tournament originally held at Onion Creek Country Club. This tournament basically established the PGA Senior Tour as a viable spectator sport worthy of attention…


1990 World Cup Semi-Final Match – Toto Schillaci’s Italy VS Diego Maradona’s Argentina

DOG ASIDE: The first semi-final match of the 1990 World Cup featured the host nation, Italy, and the world champion, Argentina at Stadio San Paulo in Naples. ‘Toto’ Schillaci scored yet again to put Italy ahead in the 17th minute, but Claudio Cannigia equalized midway through the second half, breaking Walter Zenga’s clean sheet streak…