SHOWDOG here at Imasportsphile…..I am the one who inherited Bone Daddy’s entire sports and video collection. I was given the task of fulfilling his last request….he’s not dead or anything….it was just his last request of me….as he wants me to share his life’s passion with anyone interested in viewing all or part. Therefore, I…


1984 Austin American Statesman’s Capitol 10,000

DOG ASIDE: I have been a resident of Austin, Texas for the entire 115 years I've been on this I have seen many changes....but one thing consistent throughout my tenure....was the Austin American Statesman Capitol 10,000 it still continues on year in and year out....growing larger with each passing year. Austinites love to…Details

Legendary Coach Abe Lemons Leads UT vs SMU Video

DOG ASIDE: Many times I will just post a video out of Bone Daddy’s collection….but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t put a lil anecdote to the video. Today’s video replay depicts the 1981 NCAAM Basketball Southwest Conference Game of the Week between The University of Texas Longhorns vs SMU Mustangs. Texas was coached…