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PGA Golf – 1986 – The Masters – Final Round – Part 3 – Augusta National


This video piece of historic final round of the 1986 Masters Tournament….in which Jack Nicklaus won his 18th major tournament at age 46….picks up play with Nicklaus at -4 while playing the 12th hole….while Seve Ballesteros and Greg Norman were leading the tournament at -7 while playing the 11th and 9th holes respectively. 

The 12th hole was where The Golden Bear would begin his assault of scoring 30 on the back nine….as the best golfer to ever play the game….as our video library undeniably proves over and over again….think about…Ali vs Frazier….Ali vs Foreman…Bill Russell with 11 rings….Nolan Ryan with 7 no hitters….Al Oerter’s 4 consecutive gold medals….Eric Heiden winning gold in every contested race in men’s speed skating….and so many more….where the winning performance was in the mind before it was in competition.

This video provides evidence of why Fat Jack holds that position in our ImaSportsphile opinion….we believe that “the truly greats” embody a mental edge that “the merely greats” didn’t have….cuz in our library here at Ima is “the proof is in the pudding” of that opinion. 

This is historic video….MUST SEE TV within the confines of our library.  ENJOY!!!

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