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Pool – 1980 – Trick Shot Extravaganza – Featuring 1977 World Champ Allen Hopkins With Howard Cosell

Allen Hopkins is an American professional pocket billiards (pool) player….professional billiards color commentator….and BCA Hall of Fame inductee….who promotes multiple annual pool events and still competes as a professional contender.

At seven years old….after watching many tournaments on television….Allen began to play pool on a small table his parents bought for him….and as an amateur at the age of 12….Hopkins “ran” a prodigious 110 balls and took this talent to play against grown men.

By the age of 17….he went professional and took 5th place in the 1969 US Open Nine-ball Championship….then in 1977….Hopkins earned the title in that event again as well as the PPPA World Nine-ball Championship and the World Straight Pool Championship.  By 1981….he won the US Open Nine-ball Championship. In both 1986 and 1987, Hopkins was the champion of the Japan World Open.  

In this video herewith…..Hopkins performs a beautiful masse shot….followed by a wonderful shot on the 9-ball in the side pocket….as sportscasting legend Howard Cosell describes the action. 

Allen Hopkins’ professional career began in the 1970’s and spanned over three decades.

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