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Red Skelton – The Eiffel Tower &, The Standing Ovation & Freddie the Freeloader


Bone Daddy grew up with the Red Skelton Show….as he says he remembers back to 1951…..when he and his family would all gather in the living room to watch The Red Skelton Show each week.  Now folks….this was black & white television with “rabbit ears” antennas….so, first of all…what the heck is black & television….as I haven’t seen one in my years on this earth…..but, beyond that….what the hell is a rabbit ears antenna?….I mean, dogs know rabbits….but the ears are parts that we don’t eat.  Anyway, there is a reason that Bone Daddy just loves Red Skelton….cuz it started some 65 years ago…..and you know what?…..BD says Red could make everyone laugh….whether they be 4 years old like BD was in 1951….or 69 years old like he is today.

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