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Soccer – 1986 World Cup Match With Spain VS Belguim


Bone Daddy has really gotten into soccer within the past decade….as he looked at it as a second level sport when he was growing up….cuz it seems that the only boys who played soccer in the 1950’s thru 1980’s….were either not big enough…or strong enough…or for that matter….were not talented enough to make the team in football, basketball and baseball. However, as he grew into his Sportsphile suit….he started paying attention to the sport….about the end of the 1980’s….when Maradona was playing for Argentina….and Tito for Italy. This was also about the time that BD’s two boys started to kick the soccer ball around in the back yard….and today, he loves to watch the little magician….Lionel Messi play Barcelona.

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  1. This video (1979 World Cup Match With Spain VS Belguim) is actually from the 1986 World Cup. I’ve been a huge soccer nut since the late-70s and followed World Cups since the 1982 tournament. I recorded all but two of the ’86 matches on video. This Spain-Belgium game was a quarterfinal played in Puebla.

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