Special – 1945 To 1984 – Berlin Germany – A Look Back In Time – With President Kennedy’s Speech


Berlin, Germany holds a special place in our hearts here at ImaSportsphile….as our Bone Daddy….the original Sportsphile….was stationed with the US Army in Berlin from 1971 – 1973….as a member of the Berlin Brigade….while serving as the Train Commander of the US Military Duty Train that ran from Berlin….through the Soviet Zone from Berlin to Leipzig to Helmstedt….for his 1st year with the Berlin Brigade…..while acting as the Head of the Rail Transportation Office in Helmstedt, Germany…where the duty train re-entered the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) after passing through the German Democratic Republic (East Germany)….after. coming out of West Berlin. 

These were certainly historic and interesting times….taking place on center stage at the height of The Cold War….and Bone Daddy was a part of that history….in this place where West Berlin and East Berlin were joined at the hip by a concrete wall with 100m of barbed wire, land mines and “booby traps” which became “human shooting ranges” for any person brave enough to run the gauntlet….as Bone Daddy and the rest of the 250,000 British, French and American troops in West Berlin woke up every day to the 1.5 million Soviet troops surrounding the entire Berlin Wall….and all their guns were pointed at West Berlin.  

There are so many tall tales and riveting stories that came from this unique experience of being a part of the history of the City of Berlin… which we will begin to tell within the coming year….which will be posted in our L E’s Stories section…but suffice to say….this video brings back so many memories to Bone Daddy every time he sees it… so, this video is truly a “nugget of gold” in our treasure chest of precious memories.  

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