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Special – 1970 – Magic Year In Sports Prt 1


It was 1970…..the Viet Nam war was raging in Southeast Asia….Bone Daddy was graduating from Texas University and heading to Ft Eustis, VA…..the U.S. Army transportation school for training prior to finding out where his duty assignment would be….as Viet Nam looked to be an overwhelming favorite to be the point of destination…..while on the sports front, Bobby Orr was leading the Boston Bruins to the Stanley Cup over the St. Louis Blues…..Dust Commander wins the Derby….race car driver and founder of Team McLaren, Bruce McLaren, was killed in a testing wreck….Mark Spitz was ruling swimming and breaking his own world records…..Arthur Ashe, Jan Kodes, John Newcombe and Ken Rosewall were taking over where Rocket Rod Laver had left off by winning major championships….and so much more….visa vie this 2 part video of sports in 1970.

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