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Special – 1975 A Magic Year In Sports – NFL Films Feature O J Simpson & Joe Montana


This vintage video provides four (4) different short films that include….the awesome highlights from the year 1975, a magic year in sports….then shifts to an NFL Films feature on O J Simpson as the best running back of the decade of the 1970s…..followed by a wonderful piece on the Lovable Losers The Pittsburgh Steelers…..and finishes so aptly with a great video on the best quarterback of the 1970s, the San Francisco 49’ers Joe Montana….for this video is well worth the watch.  

The year 1975 was truly a Magic Year in Sports….which featured such outstanding events as….the Big Red Machine of the Cincinnatti Reds winning the World Series in what is often described as one of the most memorable series in history as they defeated the Boston Red Sox….along with the Pittsburgh Steelers winning Super Bowl IX by a score of 16 – 6 over the Minnesota Vikings….plus, there was the trememdous Rose Bowl game where the USC Trojans win a tough fought battle by a score of 18-17 over the Ohio State Buckeyes….by going for a 2 point conversion in the closing seconds of the game…after which OSU attempted a 62 yard field goal that fell short.  1975 in the NBA saw Darryl Dawkins become the first high school player drafted…..while Rick Barry led the Golden State Warriors to a 4 – 0 NBA Title over the Washington Bullets.  The NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship saw UCLA defeat Kentucky in the finals….which turned out to be Coach John Wooten’s final game of his legendary career with the Bruins.

This magic in sports gave us Jack Nicklaus winning the Masters and the PGA Championships….with Lou Graham taking the US Open and Tom Watson winning the British Open….while in tennis, John Newcombe won the Australian Open….Bjorn Borg the French…..Arthur Ashe Wimbledon….and Manuel Orantes the US Open….while on the women’s side, Evonne Goolagong won the Australian….Billie Jean King captured Wimbledon….with Chris Evert winning the French and US Open.  

Without question, the most notable event from 1975 came about in what is known as The Thrilla in Manilla in which Muhammad Ali faced off for the 3rd and final time against Smokin Joe Frazier in what turned out to be a war of epic proportions…..and considered by many boxing experts as the greatest fight in boxing history.  Simply put, 1975 was truly a Magic Year in Sports.  

This video finishes off with three different NFL Films features that are well worth watching….as they showcase the career of running back O J Simpson during the decade of the 1970s….in which he became the 1st NFL rusher to surpass 2000 yards in a season…..then comes a wonderful piece about the Pittsburg Steelers as The Lovable Losers from 1964 to 1972…..then NFL Films gives the viewer an awesome piece on Sam Framcisco 49’ers four time Super Bowl winning QB Joe Montana of the decade of the 1980s.

Any way you cut the pie….this video is a real treasure that exceeds any sports fan’s expectations.

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