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Special – 1975 – Magic Year In Sports – Part 1


This video on the magic year in sports that 1975 turned out to be….for it was the rookie year for Bill Walton in the NBA….with Rick Barry leading the Golden State Warriors over the Washington Bullets in the NBA Finals….then there was the Buffalo Sabres vs the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals….with great boxing between Muhammad Ali and Smokin Joe Frazier….and Baltimore Orioles great Frank Robinson became the 1st black manager in MLB…..for 1975 was truly a magic year in sports.


  1. HI, I’m wondering how you found this footage. I’m looking for another episode of the program that isn’t on your channel. If you could let me know how you got the ones you found, I’m hoping that’d give me a direction in terms of where to look. Thanks.

    1. Jonathan, first let us explain that each and every video showcased in our ImaSportsphile site herewith was recorded back in the day when the live television event or tv program aired on television…..so, this video of Magic Year In Sports episode was recorded on the day it aired on television in 1975…and since we have maybe a half-dozen Magic Year In Sports episodes currently posted herewith at ImaSportsphile…this is the only place we can send you to look for more of the same…so, check out the category Magic Year In Sports for more of what you are looking for….and stay tuned….cuz there are roughly 8,000 more vintage videos to post….and our guess is that there are more of this program.

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