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Special – 1977 – NBC Sports – Ali Indoor Track Meet + World Womens Gymnastics + Violence In Sports


This video is a classic….as sports broadcasting legend Dick Enberg….who we just lost….when he is hosting SportsWorld….which was NBC’s weekend afternoon sports anthology production….that brought all kinds of sports from all kinds of places and perspectives….like in this video where the Muhammad Ali Indoor Track Meet is first up on the menu…..and any time you get two sports legends in the same video footage….man, that is “pure gold” in our video museum treasure chest of vintage memories.  So, here you have Enberg and Ali….with a whole bunch of world class athletes competing at Ali’s meet.  Simply put, it doesn’t get any better than that. 

When the program switches to the Women’s World Cup of Gymnastics Oviedo, Spain….which features USSR’s outstanding 16 year old Olympic Gold Medalist Maria Filatova….  the view also gets to see Americans Denise Cheshire and Lisa Cawthren. 

The final subject covered by NBC SportsWorld on this day in 1977….is a subject that began to “rise to the surface” in the universe of sports….which has absolutely grown in multiples in sports all over the world in 2018….for this NBC piece actually starts the dialog and narrative on VIOLENCE IN SPORTS…..which makes this video MUST SEE TV to any and all true sports fans.

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