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Special – 1979 US Sky Diving Championship – Part 1


Formation skydiving is a skydiving event where multiple skydivers attach themselves to one another by grabbing each other’s limbs or by the use of “grippers” on their jumpsuit while free falling through the sky. The goal of this skydiving program is to build a formation of multiple divers arranged in a geometric pattern. Skydivers take pride in this event as they say it creates order in an extremely chaotic environment.

Formation skydiving can be further divided into several sub-categories, so named for the number of members in a team:

  • 4-way sequential

  • 4-way vertical sequential (VFS, Vertical Formation Skydiving)

  • 8-way sequential

  • 16-way sequential

  • 10-way speed

  • Large formations (Big-ways)

This 2 part video series really gives you a bird’s-eye view of the 1979 US Sky Diving Championship.

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