Special – 1980 – Sports Afield – The Bald Eagles Of Glacier Park Wyoming

Sports Afield magazine was the “Journal for Gentlemen” ….which promised “To be devoted to hunting, fishing, rifle and trap shooting, the breeding of thorough-bred dogs, cycling, and kindred sports.”  The subscription price was $1.50 per year….with single copies selling for 15 cents. The magazine expounded on the philosophy that “Sports Afield has an ambition above that of simply entertaining and amusing the public….for it wants to help propagate the true spirit of gentle sportsmanship….to encourage indulgence in outdoor recreations….and to assist in the dissemination of knowledge regarding natural history, photography, firearms, and kindred subjects.”

Before the decade was out, Sports Afield had expanded and moved its operations to Chicago…..where it grew, with some issues running 96 pages.  It soon became not only a voice of the American West….but as well a spokesman for campers, fishermen, hunters, and shooters across the United States of America. 

By 1927, when founder Claude King stepped down as editor and turned the reins over to Joe Godfrey, Sports Afield was in full stride…..when Zane Grey started writing for the magazine, as did Jimmy Robinson, beginning a 60-year association with the publication. 

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