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Special – 1982 – CBS Look At Year In Sports – Host George Plimpton


What has become clearly evident to me after posting over 1700 vintage videos from my Bone Daddy’s incredible 2300 hours of vintage content….covering an era we call the golden age of sports from 1964 to 1995….as I’ve already written several stories supporting our belief of this incredible time in the evolution of sports….1st came TV….then came satellite….then came video tape recorders….then came the internet…. so, long story short,…I have concluded that some of the very best highlights of all these thousands of vintage videos from the golden age of sports are found in these major network’s recap of the year just completed in sports…..as CBS Sports with sports and literary legend, host George Plimpton, so aptly does in this video herewith.  

1982 provided some milestone moments in sports history….like on May 30, Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles plays the first of what will become a record-breaking 2,632 consecutive games….August 18 when Pete Rose sets record with his 13,941st plate appearance…..June 11 – Larry Holmes defeats Gerry Cooney for the WBC title with Cooney, a white challenger, being billed as “The White Hope” in what built up to be a very racially toned fight….and then there was Super Bowl XVI…..“Silverdome Superbowl”, as artist Leroy Neiman named this original signed oil serograph after putting to canvas what he saw on the field as the San Francisco 49’ers took on the Cincinnatti Bengals.  My simple recommendation is that you never forget to watch all the specials that recap the year….for within these footages lies some mighty fine highlights of dang near every sport that took place in 1982….a great year in sports.

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