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Special – 1982 – Rock Climbing Yosemite Lost Arrow Spire – Ron Kauk + Jerry Moffatt


This ABC 1982 Wide World of Sports program features world renowned rock climbers…USA Ron Kauk and GBR Jerry Moffatt….as the achieve the 1st ever free climb of Yosemite National Park’s Lost Arrow Spire from base to tip in one push….which took 14 hours…..as ABC picks up the action as the climbers attack the steepest and most treacherous part at the very top. 

ABC sportscaster Bob Beattie….along with a professional rock climber whose name we don’t know….are able to provide an incredible view and dialog of exactly what these climbers are going through…..with some absolutely fantastic camera photography provide by ABC’s camera crew….who were perfectly perched on The Lost Arrow Spire to provide some incredible footage of the climb’s final stages. 

This video provides verified evidence of the diversity and creativity of bringing sports of all kinds to the viewing public on Wide World of Sports…..the best and most extensive sports anthology programs back in the day….which makes it well worth the watch.

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