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Special – 1982 – The Ultimate Car Stunt – The Grand Canyon Colorado River Jump – Host Cathy Crosby


ABC’S Wide World of Sports has always pushed the envelop  when it came to creating stunts that were both adventurous and dangerous…..which seemed to draw tons of television viewers….with none more adventurous or daring than stuntman Dar Robertson trying to jump the Grand Canyon Colorado River….as Dar was the existing long jump with a car record holder at 179 feet 9 inches going into this stunt in which he would try to jump a car across the Grand Canyon with the Colorado River running down below. 

Typical of ABC on “daredevil type” productions….they seemed to always find some “well-known hottie” to host the program…. so, Frank Gifford’s wife, Cathy Lee Crosby, filled the position for this stunt perfectly.   

Any way you cut the pie….Dar Robertson’s elevator didn’t quite go to the top”….for this was a seriously dangerous stunt…which makes this video well worth watching.

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