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Special – 1982 – USA Network Night Flight Special – The Credits For TAKE OFF Program


Night Flight is an online visual-arts magazine and variety television show that originated on cable TV network USA Network….when It originally aired from 1981 to 1988….before moving to syndication in the early 1990’s.  In April 2018, it returned to cable television as a short form (15 minute) program airing late Friday nights/early Saturday mornings on the network IFC.  It includes a mix of mainstream and alternative music videos, artist interviews, B movies, documentaries, short films, stand-up comedy and animation.

Take Off was a segment of Night Flight that grouped together music videos based on a single unifying theme…to which a mix of interviews and snippets from movies were added to help round out the segment….with examples from the show being Take Off To Animation….Take Off to Sex…Take Oft to Violence etc….whereas San Francisco based VideoWest production company produced this segment from 1981 to 1983…..so these credits seen on this video herewith are most likely employees of VideoWest.


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