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Special – 1984 – Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of Year Show – Mary Lou Retton + Edwin Moses Winners


The year 1984 was a phenomenal year in sports…..wherein Bears Walter Payton broke Browns Jim Brown NFL rushing record….the Miami Hurricanes won the National Championship Game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers by a score of 31 – 30…..Doug Flutie wins the Heisman Trophy and the Flutie Hail Mary forever be etched in the minds of college football fans…..as the Georgetown Hoyas take down the final group of the Phi Slamma Jamma Era for the University of Houston Cougars….Bird and the Celtics winning the NBA title in 7 games against the Magic in the NBA Finals….Swale winning 2 legs of the Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes)….John McEnroe winning Wimbledon and the US Open….Martina Navratilova winning the French, Wimbledon and US Open….or our favorite here at ImaSportsphile….the Central Missouri Mules winning the men’s and women’s NCAA Division II National Basketball Championship….a feat that has never been duplicated in the entire world of college sports. 

However the Los Angeles Olympic Games happened in the summer of 1984…..and the entire spectrum of the Olympic Games became a household name….and each day of competition literally captured the American TV viewing public….and it did not hurt the popularity of the Olympic Games here in the good ole USA….that the Russionas and the Eastern Block countries did not attend these game….which equated to more US gold, silver and bronze medals won….and the news of this each day fueled the flames and fervor. So, although US gymnast Mary Lou Retton was the “TV darling of the Games”….and albeit Edwin Moses’ ability to continue his incredible winning streak in track’ men’s 400m hurdles by winning his 105 consecutive final and 120th consecutive race at the LA Games….certainly puts him somewhere very close to the Central Missouri Mules in our books. 

Any way you cut the pie….watching the highlights of the best athletic achievements of 1984 are dang near MUST SEE TV….ENJOY!!!

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