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Special – 1985 CBS Sports – Year In Review – Part 4


This video starts off with a look at sports outside of the USA…..as Americans tend to think sports starts and ends with USA sports….but it is so untrue.  Bone Daddy has traveled fairly extensively around the world….and being the original Sportsphile….he had to search out sporting events in the places he went….so, he has seen some very interesting sporting competitions in his travel….and he says that this video really fills in the blanks on sports that people watch in their homelands with just as much….if not more… fanatical fan activities…..some of which BD has actually seen live and in color. This video covers such sports as…..the 100th All-Ireland Hurling Championship in Ireland….1985 Table Tennis World Championship in China…1985 World Curling Championship in Canada…Darts World Championship….1985 World Snooker Championship in England….World Chess Championship in Russia….1985 Basque Games in Spain….and so much more….watch the video, you’ll like it.

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