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Special – 1987 NBC Sports – Year In Review – Part 1


In the year 1987….Catfish Hunter and Billy Williams were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame….as Catfish is a very popular pitcher in Bone Daddy’s book….cuz he was with the A’s when Dick Williams was Manager….and BD spent three hours talking baseball and life in general with that great baseball manager….as Bone Daddy puts it….the World Champions Skipper knew his stuff….and how to teach it….then Hunter went to Bone Daddy’s beloved Yankees….just to make some more and add too the Yankee history book.  In ’87, the Minnesota Twins won a 7 game series over the St Louis Cardinals to become World Champs….Sugar Ray Leonard defeated Marvin Hagler for the world Middleweight Title….and since I’ve seen that fight many times….cuz it’s in our boxing library….I am here to tell you….Sugar did not take the title away from the Marvelous one….and if you’re going to win by decision….this lil ole Chiweenie Sportsphile just believes you’ve got to decisively take the fight from the champ….and Sugar didn’t do that….and this was just one exciting event….in a whole’s year’s worth of exciting events that happened in 1987.

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