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Special – 1987 – Stroh’s Circle Of Sports – Walter Payton + Fenway Park + O J Simpson + Pete Rose


During the decade of the 1980’s….Stroh’s beer would try to compete with the Anheiser-Busch and Miller beers in the world of sports….not only by advertising on sports programs….but also in sponsoring and producing sports programs….and this Stroh’s Circle of Sports production featuring Robert Conrad as host was their signature program….and it was really quite good….especially this one seen herewith. 

This Stroh’s Circle of Sports television special features four legendary figures in the universe of sports…. Chicago Bears RB Walter Payton…..Boston Red Sox Fenway Park…..O J Simpson….and Pete Rose….along with a wonderful side-bar piece of ex-Red Sox P Bill “Spaceman” Lee. 

These productions typically contain highlights of the featured subjects that are ALL worth watching…. and often times the best clips anywhere….which always gives any Sportsphile reason to watch….and this one is no exception. ENJOY!!!  

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