Special – HBO – Strippers – An American Original – Host Gwen Verdon – Part 3


In this final segment of HBO’s Strippers….a beautiful black American singer and dancer named Josephine Bateman….took Paris and the Champs Elesees by a storm of unveiling or disrobing….as her case may be. The video shows us how Burlesque and Striptease grew by leaps and bounds after World War II in American….as there was a strip club in every town in American.  Then came the absolute queen of striptease….Gypsy Rose Lee….who brought the entertainment genre known as striptease into mainstream America.  What made Gypsy great was that she understood that it isn’t about how much you take off….but more how you take it off that counts…..for Gypsy was more tease than strip……as she said “You don’t have to be naked to look naked…you just have to think naked.”


    1. Howdy Chalotte…..

      I am pretty sure that we have the entire HBO Strippers Special in our library….however, I do not know when Part 3 will show up for me to post….as we have about 6,000 more videos to post…and my job is to post the next one that shows up in my cue of videos to post…..so stay tuned…cuz it could me next week or next year.

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